Important Dates Regarding Your Federal & Utah State Refunds

We’re nearing the end of January, which means that most people have started to receive their W-2s and other important tax documents. But when can you finally file? And if you’re getting a refund, when can you expect to see it in your account? Keep reading to get important answers to these questions about filing your tax return in Provo.

When Can You Start E-Filing?

The majority of taxpayers e-file, regardless of whether they’re doing it themselves or using an accountant. The IRS will begin accepting e-filed tax returns on January 29th. If you hope to get ahead of the game and get your refund sooner, we recommend filing as close to this date as possible. If you’re working with one of our accountants to file your tax return in Provo, please ensure we have your documents as soon as you can.

Potential Delays for Federal Returns

Please note that this year, the IRS will be delaying refunds for any returns claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit and/or the Additional Child Tax Credit. The delays will only be until mid-February, with most refunds appearing in taxpayers’ accounts around February 27th. However, we still recommend filing as soon as you can to ensure that there are no additional delays on your refund.

Delays for Utah Refunds

If you are self-employed, or if you’re a W-2 employee and Utah is unable to verify your W-2 with your employer, your Utah State refund may be delayed until March 1st. This is in an effort to verify and protect taxpayers’ identities. Utah State has asked filers to allow 120 days from the date their return is filed, or until March 1st—whichever is later—for the return to be processed and any refunds issued. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

While the delays listed above are unavoidable, you can prevent further delays on your tax refund by ensuring your accountant has all of the correct information as soon as possible. If you have any questions about filing your tax return in Provo, or if you are ready to file, please contact us for an appointment.