Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Give the IRS Your New Address

Sometimes it seems like updating all of the necessary people regarding your change of address involves just as much work as the move itself. You have to update your contact info at work, with your financial institutions and lenders, on any memberships you hold, and set up general mail forwarding with the post office—and that’s just the beginning. With all of this paperwork you already have to do, you may be tempted to wait to update the IRS.

After all, when you file your next tax return, you’ll have to provide them with your new address anyways. So, why bother to update them any sooner? While you can often do this without any problems arising, there is a chance that failing to update the IRS can have some negative impacts on you. Here’s why you should update the IRS regarding your change of address as soon as possible, as well as instructions on how to do so.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

While it’s true that simply filing your next tax return will update the IRS regarding your current address, this means they will have the incorrect address on file until next tax season. This might not seem like a big deal to many people. However, if you’re expecting a tax refund, that refund could get delayed if they don’t have the proper address for you.

Additionally, if any issues arise regarding your tax return, the IRS will send written correspondence to whatever address they have on file. These letters often require a timely response from you, and if you didn’t receive the letter because the IRS had the wrong address for you, the responsibility still falls on you; the IRS has fulfilled their legal obligation to notify you of the issue by sending correspondence to your last known address.

Depending on the issue they’re writing you about, you could find yourself with fees and penalties piling up against you—and you likely wouldn’t find out about them for some time, if you don’t update your address until your next return is filed. This is why it is essential to update the IRS regarding your address as soon as you are able.

How to Update Your Address

There are several options for updating the IRS regarding a change of address:

  1. Fill out and submit Form 8822. The form should be submitted by mail, and you will find the proper address for mailing in your form on page 2. If you have children who file their own returns and are affected by the change of address, they will need to submit their own forms.
  2. Mail in a written statement that includes your full name, former address, new address, and SSN, ITIN, or EIN. Be sure to sign the statement before sending it in. The statement should be mailed to the address where you filed your last return.
  3. Call the IRS and provide oral notification of your change of address. You’ll need to provide your full name, address, date of birth, and SSN, ITIN, or EIN to verify your identity, so be sure you have this info available.

If your last return was filed jointly, and you and your spouse are still living together, you should both sign the same form or written statement. If your last return was filed jointly, but you have now established separate addresses, you should each submit your own form or statement regarding your new addresses.

If you have any questions regarding this process, or would like us to update the IRS for you regarding your change of address, please contact our tax and accounting firm in Provo today.